Closing concert-Cellobration

16:00-18:00 Concerthall/ Rue de la Régence 20 : 1000 Brussels

The Closing Concert is an all-time family favorite programme of the Brussels Cello Festival – the performance is comprised of all the festival artists and young talents who come together to perform some of our most beloved repertoire… as the BCF cello orchestra! Bring all your friends and family of all ages – this programme is sure to please even the most discerning music lover!


C. Saint-Saens | Bacchanale form Samson and Delilah
Vashti Hunter, Ella Van Poucke, Chiara Samatanga, Natania Hoffman, cellos

A. Piazzolla | La Muerte del Angel
Jing Zhao, Sul Yoon, Vashti Hunter, Jens Peter Maintz, cellos

Dvorak, Ayres, Francini | Winners of the 2022 Buchet International Cello Competition
Top laureates to be announced on 11 Oct

M. Lauridsen | O Magnum Mysterium
Ella Van Poucke, Justus Grimm, Jens Peter Maintz, Hayoung Choi, Natania Hoffman, Vashti Hunter, Jing Zhao, Han Bin Yoon, cellos

A. Piazzolla | Fuga y Misterio
Ella Van Poucke, Justus Grimm, Jens Peter Maintz, Hayoung Choi, Sul Yoon, Natania Hoffman, Olsi Leka, Vashti Hunter, Amy Norrington, Jing Zhao, Chiara Samatanga, Han Bin Yoon, cellos

– pause –

E. Elgar | Salut d’Amour
Amy Norrington, cello
BCF Cello Orchestra

E. Elgar | Nimrod
BCF Cello Orchestra

C. Saint-Saens | Allegro Appassionato
Justus Grimm, solo
Vashti Hunter, Ella Van Poucke, Jing Zhao, Luc Tooten, Amy Norrington, Chiara Samatanga, cello ensemble

M. Ravel | Pavane
BCF Cello Orchestra

A. Dvorak | Largo from New World Symphony
BCF Cello Orchestra

B. Déjardin | Aquarela Do Violoncelo
BCF Cello Orchestra


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