Homage concert to Eric Feldbusch

“Remembering Eric Feldbusch…”

Address of Performance:
Kleine Zavel 5
1000 Bruxelles

Olsi LEKA, Didier POSKIN, Jeroen REULING, Marinela DOKO, Muhiddin DURRUOGLU

This year also marks the 100th anniversary of Belgian cellist-composer, Eric Feldbusch. Various cello teachers at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels have put together a unique programme around Mr. Feldbusch’s legacy, including his “Cadence et Allegro” and “Mosaique” – come hear the soul of Belgian music in this homage to the Belgian cello tradition!


E.Feldbusch | ‘Cadence et allegro” op.13 pour violoncelle et piano
Olsi Leka, cello / Muhiddin Durruoglu, piano

E.Feldbusch | “Mosaique” op. 24 pour violoncelle seul
Didier Poskin, cello

Gian Carlo Menotti | Suite pour 2 violoncelles et piano
Jeroen Reuling and Olsi Leka, cellos / Muhiddin Durruoglu, piano

J.Jongen | Deux pieces pour pour Quatres violoncelles, op.89
Marinela Doko, Olsi Leka, Jeroen Reuling, Didier Poskin, cellos


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