« The Great War »

At the occasion of the centenary of the end of the Great War, cellist Olsi LEKA teams up with pianist Peter CAELEN and photographer Frédéric PAUWELS to create a unique  event combining classical music, contemporary photography and writings of soldiers and their loved ones during the war.

Witnesses of the day of all kinds and of multiple nationalities tell us their emotions, their experiences and their lives through poetry and prose.

Frédéric PAUWELS travelled the whole of the 700 kilometers Western frontline starting in Nieuwpoort at the North Sea and ending in the French Vosges. He photographed the scars that the war left in the landscapes around us. He revisited the trenches, numerous monuments as well as the so called « dead for France villages», ghost towns because they were too polluted.

These pictures will be projected on stage in a subdued atmosphere during the concert, a cello and piano recital.
The recital encompasses illustrative masterpieces from the repertory for cello and piano.

This project doesn’t defend a particular ideology or identity. It carries a message of peace and gathering the audience. Its nature is purely artistic: it is neither a historical account nor a documentary on the Great War.