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At the occasion of the centenary of the end of the Great War, cellist Olsi LEKA teams up with pianist Peter CAELEN and photographer Frédéric PAUWELS to create a unique CD combining classical music, contemporary photography and writings of soldiers and their loved ones during the war.[…]



[…]The musical selection symbolises the feelings, thoughts and dreams of love that this generation carried with it. Selected from the rich repertory for cello and piano, it evokes the universality of these feelings, making the link between all human beings above ideological or patriotic allegiances.

The images illustrating the CD are made by Frédéric PAUWELS who travelled along the 700 kilometers long Western front line, starting in Nieuwpoort, Belgium and ending in the French Vosges. He photographed the scars that the war left in the surrounding landscapes and revisited the trenches, numerous monuments and the so called “Villages dead for France”, polluted ghost towns where no one could ever live after the war.

Excerpts of the CD:


MOUCHETTE X, little French girl. Letter to her daddy on the front:

“My dear Daddy, Mummy told me to tell you that she’s going to scold you severely if you don’t come home quickly in time for my birthday. She also told me that you will bring chocolates. So, hurry up and come back from your Northern expedition. What is the point of these expeditions anyway? … Come on, my lovely Daddy, come back as soon as possible so that I can jump into your arms! Our teacher told us to send a hail of kisses to our dads to blow away all the dark clouds. Your darling little girl, who looks at the sky every night and thinks of you.

To my daddy, my hero.”



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